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Custom Relationship Management framework in Marketing Business helps to concentrate on your administrations, business procedures and maintenance of your loyal clients by reacting to their individual needs and queries. With custom CRM solution it's easy to use book keeping services, cloud based apps including database, sales tools, analytics and mailing. It can encompass reporting, pricing and customer services technologies. CRM developed for Marketing Industry is a perfect solution to win new customers and better manage the operations, enhancing your company's productivity. Marketing CRM software Development from us helps your business to grow both horizontally and vertically.

Scheduling Appointment

A list of available times will be listed in our CRM. When you get a new request for an appointment, you can manage scheduling and make multiple appointments at the same time. You can reschedule the appointments and cancel the appointments too.

Task Management - Smart notifications

You will have More Number of tasks to be completed in a day. It is much more difficult to remember those and complete at the right time with priority. Our CRM will give you the prior Notification about the Task for completion.

Monitor Workflow

As everything is scheduled and monitored, there won't be any interruptsin stopping the workflow. You can allocate the works to the concerned person and also can generate the report of the work done by that particular person. So, work flow can be easily maintained with our CRM Software Development.

Marketing Report

Even though every Marketing Executive's has been allotted with leads and targets, as an Admin, it's our responsibility to monitor the work done by the Executives. It is easy to track the performance of the executives with the generated report.

Track Advertising Leads

As a Business concern, we will advertise in different platforms but we won't analyze through which platform we are getting more leads/orders. But with our CRM you can easily track the platform on which we are getting more leads/orders and can plan your Business strategies and focus on the particular mode of platform for Advertising.

Bulk SMS

Just a finger snap is enough to Reach out millions in seconds with Bulk SMS, with help of this feature you can send SMS to multiple Clients. Bulk SMS helps you to sustain a healthy relationship with your clients by sending Wishes, Offers, Payment remainders, Thank you messages and much more.