Domain Name


What is Domain Name

Every computer on the public Internet has a unique numeric address.Similar to the uniquenes of a telephone number.which is a string of numbers that is difficult for most people to remember.This string is called the IP address.IP stands for Internet Protocol.To make it easier to find a given location on the Internet, the Domain Name System, or DNS, was invented. The DNS translates IP addresses into unique alphanumeric addresses called domain names that are easier to remember. If, for example, you would like to visit the ICANN website, would you rather remember the IP address, or type“”? By associating a familiar string of letters—the domain name—with an IP address, the DNS makes it much easier for Internet users to remember websites and email addresses. In the example above, the “” part of the address is called the domain name. The “www.”part identifies to your browser that you are looking for the World



URL Forwarding

Redirect traffic from one domain to another.

Email Forwarding

Automatically forward emails to other valid email addresses.

DNS Management

Retain total control over your DNS records.

Transfer Lock

Protect your domain from unauthorized domain transfers

how does it work

A domain name can remain unchanged even if a website is moved to a different host computer or server because the DNS can be told to point an existing domain name to a new IP address. This is just like a household or a business moving its location the family or business name stays the same, even if the street address changes.We as Web Design and Development in India understands that, today websites have become one of the most important marketing & sales tool and that's why we take care of all aspects of web design and development for our clients including graphics, programming, usability, animation etc. In other words, you can be sure that we will take care of everything related to your website and not just "the look". At Web Design and Development Companies has empowered our designing team with professional web designers who bring impeccable amalgamation of tech-skills and electrifying imagination. The power to think and do out of the box distinguishes our web designers and their work. All this automatically speaks in catchy designing of web pages designed by our web designers.